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Gibson GA-5 “Scout” Vintage Tube Amp  $395
Excellent condition and includes manual and two-button footswitch (RARE!)
Mesa Boogie Head And 4x12” Cabinet  $1000
Sometimes, Only a Boogie will do.
2541 Tamiami Trail Port Charlotte Florida 33952 (941) 979-5457 (Near corner of Southbound Route 41 and Midway Blvd.)
Large Assortment of Roland Amps!
Carvin XV112 with 4x12” Cabinet  $600
Fender Bassman 59 LTD Nice!  $950
Mesa Boogie 1x15” Cabinet Thames Speaker  $525
Peavey Renown 212  $350
Sano GS20 RARE  $499
Gallien Kruger Backline 100  $399
Mesa Boogie Maverick Dual Rectifier  $CALL
Marshall Valvestate 2000  $CALL
Vox AC30 CC2  $CALL
Marshall MG50 CFX  $399
Marshall MG102  $599
Mesa Boogie DC-3 Like New  $600
Acoustic AG-60  $CALL
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